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March 2017
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Total Tolkien #007 7 Wonders of Middle Earth

This episode we take a look at the Aragonath, the twin statues guarding the Northern boundry of the once great kingdom of Gondor.

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Total Tolkien #006

7 Wonders of Middle Earth

An 7 episode exploration of the 7 greatest wonders left standing at the end of the third age.

This Episode starts with the great work of Numenorian craft, the Circle of Isengard and the tower of Orthanc.

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Total Tolkien #005

Two and a Half Swords

This episode of Total Tolkien looks at the Elvish Blades of Glamdring, Orcrist and Sting, owned by Gandalf, Thorin Oakenshield and Bilbo respectivly. 

We look at the place and the people who forged them, their powers and properties, why they glowed blue and cut spiders like butter.

Three of the greatest swords not only of the Lord of the Rings Stories, but in all the History of Middle Earth.

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Total Tolkien $004

Magic In Middle Earth III

This episode we round off our three part look at magic in Middle Earth with a look at how magic is used in Middle Earth. The different types of magic, how it differes from Valar to Elf to Man to Dwarves and how knowledge and natural power play their own important roles.

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Total Tolkien #003 Magic in Middle Earth

In this episode we look at the races of middle earth and Valinor and what power each have available to them and where they come from.  

We finish with an interesting look at the men of Aragorns people and their strange position between that of lesser men and that of the half elven. 

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Total Tolkien

Episode #002 Magic In Middle Earth I

The firsy epsidoe in a three parter that will look at magic in middle earth, examples of its use, how it differs to traditional magic systems seen in modern fantasy and its spiritual nature in the world of Tolkien. 

This first episode is an introduction in magic in Middle Earth, listing its examples in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. In the following episodes we will go deeper in Tolkiens collective works to find the nature of magic in Middle Earth.

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Total Tolkien 

Episode #001

Topic: The Canon of JRR Tolkien. 

Which works of Tolkien should we consider canon? From the works published during his life to works published since his death, the academic papers published by his estate to academics doing reserch on his collective work.

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